An Interview with Stephanie Snowheart and Takahan Tan


Article Published 28 June 2015 (Sunday)

Sin Ming Daily

English Translation Provided


Cosplay is an incredibly popular culture in Singapore, indeed so much so that the cosplay club

members has increased over 140 times in these 15 years and the cosplay convention attracting

over 25,000 attendees with the Singapore Cosplay president of the Club receiving words of

encouragement from Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.​

In the beginning of the year, at an event MinnaCon co­organised with NTU and NUS, the

Singapore Cosplay Club invited the famous Sailor Grandpa. One of the most popular internet

sensations in the world, Sailor Grandpa came forth to be a guest and got a lot of attention all

over Singapore.

Singapore Cosplay Club President Loh Wan Jing, Stephanie (32) expresses in an interview with

us that in 2000, she started the Singapore Cosplay Club with a group and friends and

henceforth pioneering the Cosplay Culture in Singapore.

Cosplay is popular in many countries in Asia; Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea etc. However,

Cosplay is relatively of a commercial nature in quite a lot of countries and mainly for the

promotion of products or services.

Singapore Cosplay Club Vice President Tan Yueh Han (40) believes that Singapore is perhaps

the only country in the world still organising pure Cosplay­Only conventions or events. These

pure cosplay­only events is not created for commercial reasons and the cosplayers or attendees

come forth solely fuelled by their love and passion for Cosplay.

In 2001, the first Cosfest attracted 200 attendees but last year in 2014, 25,000 attendees

swarmed the Cosfest convention hall.

To date, the Singapore Cosplay Club has 28,000 members including cosplayers, photographers

and supporters.

Loh Wan Jing, Stephanie expresses that one of the deepest and fondest memories she had of

Cosplay was in 2007 at a Town Council event.

At that time, the Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew was the VIP and when he saw

Stephanie Loh Wan Jing cosplaying after he was introduced to her, chuckled "Oh! There's such

a thing in Singapore?" as he shook her hands happily.

"Yes!” Stephanie Loh Wan Jing said at that time. It's been really fun doing this so far!" She

replied Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Upon hearing this, Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew gave Loh Wan Jing Stephanie firm words of encouragement. “Keep it up!” he said.

To that, Stephanie is filled with infinite happiness and joy.

Sailor Grandpa On Singapore:

Singapore is a more open­minded society than Japan

Japan’s Sailor Fuku Grandpa expresses that he walked the streets of Singapore freely in his

Sailor uniform without being scrutinised by the public, referring that Singapore’s society is much

more open­minded than Japan.

Loh Wan Jing Stephanie explains that in Japan, where Cosplay is popular, cosplayers do not

have themselves in costumes in public,on trains or in restaurants as this is not considered polite

manners in the Japanese society. In Korea, cosplayers do not even dare reveal that they are

involved in Cosplay. However, in Singapore, Cosplayers have not encountered such situations

or scrutinised by the public.

Mr Hideaki Kobayashi(Sailor Grandpa) expresses that all the way from Tokyo Japan to

Singapore’s Changi Airport and the three days he was in Singapore, that he was in his sailor

uniform costume all the time, and instead of inviting judgemental looks or comments, many

members of the public all over Singapore recognised him and was happily requesting to take

photos with him. Such a situation would not have happened in Japan.

In the 15 years of organising Cosplay conventions, events and activities in Singapore, Loh Wan Jing Stephanie has seen cosplayers ranging from 2 years old to 68 years old!

Loh Wan Jing Stephanie says that currently cosplayers are around 14 to 38 years old, although

she has personally seen a 68 years old cosplayer and a young cosplayer child of 2 years old

coming together with her cosplayer parent to a cosplay event.

Cosplaying may require you to have many different costumes and accessories and may not be

a very economical hobby. The price range of a costume may be between 150 dollars to 300

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