The True Meaning of Cosfest

When I first organised Cosfest 14 years in 2001 , it was a very small gathering among a group of friends. At that time, Cosplay was not popular and due to the fact that there were not a lot of cosplay events, we came together as a group of friends to organise a cosplay event for ourselves.

These days, whenever I do cosplay events, people start asking me if there are cosplay guests, merchandise, etc. I know that the SCC does invite guests for our events, but long before this trend of inviting "Cosplay guests" started, we actually only invited our very first overseas friend, Goldy from Japan.

It was not meant to be a celebration of a guest, but purely a simple gesture of inviting a good friend to my event.

For you see, Cosfest is a very authentic and traditional cosplay event.

Cosfest was borne out of the dream to unite all Cosplayers in Singapore.

I invite you to my event to cosplay, to laugh and to have fun with your friends and me.

Cosfest began with cosplayers like you and me. With or without the "popular" cosplay guests, it will still proceed to take place because the original vision is the same.

When people ask me "Did you invite any guests for Cosfest?", I cannot help but be amused.

But you see, I did.

For never in these 14 years have I ever forgotten,

That my guest is you.

Kiwi popsicle