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Realm: Downtown East



2.00pm Anime Songs Performance


2.30pm Yokai Musical


3.00pm Yokai Appearance


3.30pm Anime Songs Performance


4.30pm Make up session with Audience


5.30pm Halloween Town Magic Show and Games 


6.45pm Assemble for Cosplay Parade 




2.00pm Anime Songs Performance 


3.00pm Games Sessions


3.30pm Yokai Appearance


4.00pm Anime Songs and Dance Performance 


4.30pm Halloween Town Magic Show


7.00pm Yokai Taisen

Underworld Market

The Underworld Market is an art/costumes fair of Halloween Town.

Each booth is 180cm by 60cm. 
Comes with table, cloth and 2 chairs.

$20 each for the whole duration of 2 days.


Halloween Town Registration
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