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COSFEST KANSHA is a pre-event for our calendar year 2022.

"Kansha" means refers to our gratitude for you for supporting our event. The details for Cosfest Kansha are listed here:

Date : 6 and 7 August 2022
Time : 1.00pm to 8.00pm
Official Venue: Raffles Marina
Event Admission: Free entry
Address: 10 Tuas West Dr, Singapore 638404
Nearest Train Station: Tuas Link MRT
Driving: Car Park lots (at HDB parking rates)


Cosfest Kansha + Raffles Marina

Raffles Marina is a private membership/yacht club established in 1994. 

In this event, we partner with Raffles Marina as our official venue.

Event Guidelines
Where visitors(cosplayers and friends) can access: 
1. The main clubhouse building [Indoor and Airconditioned]
(First ground floor, on the staircases, second floor landing)
2. Landscaped pool [Indoor and sheltered]
(it is okay to take photos around the pool but not IN the pool)
3. The Lighthouse and Breakwater Path [Outdoors in front of Lighthouse]
4. The Lawn along the Lagoon [Outdoors]
5. The tennis court [Outdoors] 

Where visitors are not able to access:
1. Any of the meeting rooms/banquet ballrooms on 2nd floor (as there are events)
2.Hotel Rooms on 3rd floor (Card access only) (Unless you are a room guest
3. Members Lounge near the Atrium

Food and Drinks Options:
There are 3 F&B outlets at the club and 10% discount will be given on total table bill to cosplayers in costumes. (As long as there is a cosplayer seated at the table)

2 hours free parking coupon for diners at the F&B outlets.

There are many vending machines selling snacks and drinks along the breakwater path. Please remember to prepare notes($2) and coins (20 cents, 50 cents, $1) if you would like to get refreshments from these machine. While some vending machines accept paywave, physical notes and coins will be more convenient for you.

When at the club, please be aware to be careful for your own safety when treading along the breakwater path and taking photos.
Please note not to sit on the edge of the breakwater.

For cosplayers and photographers, as it may become windy at some times, please take care of your own belongings properly along the breakwater in case your items falls into the sea. 
(Eg. camera equipment, tripods)
It is fine to set up your equipment (lighting and tripods) as long as you do not block the path of event goers and the public. 
We will advise you if that is so at the event.
All event attendees are to be solely responsible for their own safety and wellbeing especially along the breakwater. 

Important Notes:
Raffles Marina will not take responsibility for any injuries or damage to props/ camera equipment
• Strictly no access to members areas, trespassers will be removed from the area and/or the Club if deemed necessary by Security
• Cosplayers who book rooms are not allowed to give free access to outdoor garden to guests not in their guest list
• No tailgating into room lifts 
• Breakwater and lighthouse will be closed in rainy weather 
(To Security’s judgement)
• Strictly no drones to be used at the location

Special Note: 
This is a event for photo shooting.
There will be no booths or performances at this event.

Areas of Interest

Official Venue

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